Stanley Buzard

Erie, Pa / born: 1926 age 88 / Military Rank U.S. PFC 25th Infantry Division Philippine Islands 1944-1946

  • Tropic Lightning
      • The division landed in the San Fabian area of Luzon, 11 January 1945, to enter the struggle for the liberation of the Philippines. It drove across the Luzon Central Plain, meeting the enemy at Binalonan, 17 January. Moving through the rice paddies, the 25th occupied Umingan, Lupao, and San Jose and destroyed a great part of the Japanese armor on Luzon. On 21 February, the division began operations in the Caraballo Mountains. It fought its way along Highway No. 5, taking Digdig, Putlan, and Kapintalan against fierce enemy counterattacks and took Balete Pass, 13 May, and opened the gateway to the Cagayan Valley, 27 May, with the capture of Santa Fe. Until 30 June, when the division was relieved, it carried out mopping-up activities. On 1 July, the division moved to Tarlac for training, leaving for Japan, 20 September.

      • The division's rapid movements during its campaigns led to the adoption of the nickname "Tropic Lightning". It remained on occupation duty in Japan for the next five years.


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