By Scott Meeks

Your household produces about 25 percent more waste during the holiday season.  Much of that is ribbons, bags and wrapping paper.  But that doesn't have to be the case.  Here are some tips that will help you reuse, remix and reinvent your holiday wrap.


When you buy something breakable, the store usually wraps it in some sort of protective paper.  It's thicker than tissue paper, more like packing paper.  At first, it might seem too wrinkly to try and work it into some sort of gift wrap.  But get creative!

Ball up your packing paper.
Flatten it out so the entire sheet of paper is wrinkled.
Repeat this process if you want more wrinkles.
Wrap your present and use twine or yarn to finish off this rustic look.


Turn to your cupboards if you're looking for something to put a knick-knack into or even some holiday treats.  Cylinder cardboard containers work nicely – you know, the ones that oatmeal or protein powders come in. 

Wipe your containers down with a wet paper towel.
Line them with tissue paper or wax paper.
Instead of using wrapping paper, cover the outside of the container with festive holiday ads or magazines.


Decorate the flip side of Birthday paper to create a one-of-a kind holiday print with markers or paint.
An old CD case is a great showcase for a gift card for music downloads.
Flatten out old toilet paper tubes, tape up the end and use it as a gift card holder.


While it may be tempting to load up on holiday wrap, it's important to remember that millions of tons of wrap, boxes and bows are tossed into the landfill this time of year.

And while some things are recyclable, most of it's glittered, glued or laminated - making it unfit for the average recycle center.

For Christmas morning, not every toy needs to be wrapped. 
Small presents can be placed in your kid's stocking or even inside your tree.
You can also hide them around your house for a Christmas morning treasure hunt.