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Birkmire Trucking Company Offering Much More than Trucking

Birkmire Trucking Company in Fairview is a classic example of family ownership.

"My dad started the company in 1947 with a pickup truck hauling coal into basements.  He bought some flat beds and dump trucks and that was the start of Birkmire Trucking," said current owner Tim Birkmire Sr. 

From one truck then, to 28 now, the company just keeps growing.  They now provide vans and trucks to haul products for some well known industrial companies, all over the country.

We got an inside look at one of their big rigs, as we took a trip across I-90.

"It's an International, Detroit motor in it, sleeper.  This is what the guys use to go across the country.  They have the bunk in the back they can sleep in at truck stops and what not.  It's kind of their home away from home," said Tim Birkmire Jr.

Beyond just trucking, they also offer hundreds of Big Box storage units in a massive warehouse for commercial customers and a crane service.

"We just got a lot of different opportunities for people to use and be helpful and what not," said Birkmier Jr. 

Their storage services can cater to just about anyone who needs the extra space.

"People that want to offer their home for sale, some people want to de-clutter their home.  College students like it so they can store their belongings before they come back to school.  Other people just use the boxes to move across town or across the country," said Birkmire Sr.

The Birkmires plan to keep expanding and evolving in the future.  But one thing will never change; the family ties.

"It means a lot.  It's something special.  It's very good.  I just think about what my grandfather's always done and what he likes and we all just try to do what he would ever do," said Birkmire Jr. 

"We're here to support the community and going to be here forever," said Birkmire Sr.


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