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Officer of the Month (March 2012)

The Officer of the Month for March is Officer Michelle Orsini of the Erie Police Department. Orsini is a patrol officer. Officers on patrol must have the right qualities to deal with difficult situations.

"Michelle has that," says Erie County District Attorney Jack Daneri. "She has the enthusiasm for the job, but she has the right personality, the temperament you must have, because obviously, it's not always easy out there."

"You always got to remember that people are going to be upset. There's going to be emotions," says Orsini. "There's going to be times where you're going to have to put yourself in their shoes and think what they're going through before they react."

Chief Steve Franklin was once a patrol officer. He knows the kind of person it takes to work effectively with the public.

"You always keep in mind that the officers out there do exactly what it says on our cars, "protect and serve." Sometimes there's a challenge involved with that, and officers such as Officer Orsini do that very well."

"I love this job," Orsini said. "I do love it. You always have those days, but for the most part, it's a great job and it's a great honor.

When Orsini was nominated for Officer of the Month, she was described as someone who goes above and beyond to help her fellow officers. She had this response, "It's not one of us. It's a whole team. It's a whole unit. We are a whole department. So there's no one single person that can be singled out. We work as a unit."

Officer of the Month is not the only honor Orsini has received lately. She also has her picture on the brochure the Erie Police Department is handing out to prospective recruits.  Her chief says she exemplifies the position of a city police officer.

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