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Caribbean News for May 29, 2012

This is a lightly edited transcript of the 5-29-12 Caribbean news broadcast

Residents of St. Kitts and Nevis are mourning the loss of Dr. Simeon Daniels, the first premiere of Nevis. A requiem mass was held for Daniels on Sunday. He served as premiere from 1983 to 1992. Daniels was a founding member of the Nevis reformation party and set up the bank of Nevis in 1985. Current Prime Minister Dr. Denzel Douglas described Daniels as having a direct impact on the social, political and economic evolution of the island. Daniels was 78 years old.

The Latino population in the United States grew by 43-percent over the past decade, surpassing 50 million people. Hispanics now make up more than 16-percent of the total population, and some analysts predict Latino voters could decide the upcoming presidential election. Rafael Romo reports. Of the 200 million or so eligible voters in the United States, 21 million, about 10 percent are Hispanic. But don't look to the states where Latinos are actually the majority, like Texas which is solidly republican, and California which is decidedly democrat. Look to the swing states, where smaller numbers could make the difference. Take, for example, Arizona: the Grand Canyon state has 766,000 eligible Hispanic voters, close to 20% of all eligible voters. Latinos may also decide the election in at least four crucial swing states: Colorado where Latino voters represent 13 of the electorate, Nevada with 14 percent, Florida with 15 percent and New Mexico at 38 percent. There are other states where the growth in Latino voters has been dramatic in the last decade. Charles Garcia, a political analyst, points to states like North Carolina, where the number of registered Latino voters has almost doubled to more than 130-thousand since the last presidential election. North Carolina Obama wins by 14,000 votes in 2008. And in 2008 there were 68,000 registered Latino voters and a of the registered voters vote. Now how many are there today? It's almost double. According to research done by the CNN political team, based on us Census figures, there will be 15 swing states in the 2012 presidential elections. In a tight race, Garcia says, Hispanic voters could be the margin of victory in 12 of the 15 swing states. The reason? The number of eligible Latino voters in those states has grown by more than 700- thousand in the last four years. So the important message for the Latino community that's living in one of these 15 swing states is get off your couch and go register to vote because you're going to determine the next election and that's powerful. Another important factor to consider, young Latino voters. Almost a third of all Hispanic voters are under the age of thirty. Rafael Romo, CNN, Atlanta.

Scientists in El Salvador are trying to determine what caused the deaths of dozens of white herons. In the last several weeks, at least 32 herons have been found dead in the Las bares nature reserve. Biologists say the death of one heron also puts its chicks and mate at risk because they don't have anyone bringing them food. Some environmentalists are blaming pesticides for the bird deaths.

A soggy memorial day for folks in the southeast u-s... They were hit hard by tropical storm it made landfall near beach in Florida early Monday morning, packing winds of 70 miles per hour. Beryl is now a tropical depression, but still, its winds and rain caused flooding and power outages to many spots in Georgia. Beryl is now the strongest tropical storm to make landfall in May.

If you've been that perfect burger, we've got one spot to potentially chow down... According to the readers of 'travel & leisure' magazine, San Juan, Puerto rice ranked in at number 5 in the United States for the best burger. Providence, Rhode Island came in at number one and Philadelphia got the number two spot. The country's third best burger city is Chicago. Houston and San Juan, Puerto rice round out the top five burger cities in America

Britain's royal air force is getting ready to do its part to celebrate queen Elizabeth's 60 years on the throne. This year has been loaded with events marking Queen Elizabeth's diamond jubilee. The peak of the celebrations will be a four-day public holiday this coming weekend. Many events are planned in the islands, as well. In St. Vincent, members of parliament all pay rib to her majesty on June fir. N the send, stamp habitation will be held, and then on June 4th, a jubilee beacon event at the historic conical grads.  And, this interesting tribute to the queen. The rock band, "the sex pistols," are re- releasing their hit, "god save the queen." it's been 35 years since it was first released... That's also when it caused a big controversy over some questionable lyrics.

Almost half- million residents in Chile participated in an earthquake and tsunami drill Monday. Chilean officials say people in quake-prone regions made it to their designated safety zones in about 22 minutes. That time was considered a success. The area was hit by a massive 8.8 magnitude quake and tsunami in February 2010. The disaster killed more than five-hundred people

An air Canada jet with more than 300 people on board was forced to make an emergency landing in Toronto Monday, after one of its engines shut down. The Boeing 777 was flying to japan and had been in the air for only a short time when it blew out one of its engines. Police in the area received several calls about debris falling from the sky... Two cars at a gas station were reportedly damaged.

Brazil is going green, building a completely eco-friendly football stadium for the upcoming 2014 world cup. The new 400-million dollar stadium is going up in Brasilia, and is being constructed out of all recyclable materials

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