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Under the Hat: How Not to Govern

Not everyone is allowed a second act in politics, but democrat Kathy Dahlkemper defied those odds by first beating an incumbent in the primary and then winning the race for Erie County Executive.

And it happened during a time when there is still a lot of TTBO among voters; you know, Throw The Bums Out?

Dahlkemper was not a sitting politician this time but she did serve in Congress for two years before losing to current 3rd District Representative Mike Kelly.

Angry voters don't always worry about those small details.

The loss stung and it took Dahlkemper nearly two years to get back in the game.

But come Election Night she was able to continue her tradition of dancing with supporters, ready once again to grab the reins of government.

Dahlkemper may have learned another dance during her two years in Washington.

She was there to witness political dysfunction at its highest level.

She was there when redistricting took place after the 2010 census, which has become not an exercise in fairness but an exercise of the party in power to stay in power by rigging the playing fields.

There always an element of new hope with new leadership and it's my hope that Dahlkemper grew in her time in Washington.

She saw some people who clearly were more interested in holding down someone else's agenda than promoting their own.

People whose victory is only complete if they can watch the other guy completely fail.

Hopefully she's learned that consensus is not an evil word and the middle ground is not an area of weakness but rather the place where things get done.

That she saw firsthand not only how to govern, but how not to govern as well.

If she has, then her brief time in Washington will have been well spent and we have a chance to be better off in 2018, than we are today.



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