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While technology may sometimes seem to rule our lives, believe or not, there are many who still prefer the simpler times. But even non-geeks can benefit from the convenience tech offers. Our following product recommendations are not only easy to use, but they are also incredibly useful – and your tech-challenged friends and family won't need a Computer Science degree to figure out how they work.

HD camera and camcorder

The Polaroid Cube is a super-small lifestyle cam that's simple to operate. With just the push of the Cube's only button, you can record wide-angle videos or snap photos. A magnetic mount lets you quickly attach it to most metal surfaces. Polaroid also makes a bunch of fun mounting accessories. Best of all, it can be had for less than $100.

Phone and key finder

For those prone to losing keys, attach the Motorola Keylink to a keychain. When you need to find your keys, simply pull up the Motorola Connect app (available for iOS and Android) and locate them with the onscreen map. You can also use Keylink in reverse to find your phone: It'll ring your smartphone as long as it's within 100 feet. The Keylink can also be attached to anything else that easily goes missing.

Touchscreen control gloves

As a company that's in the business of making gloves, Seirus knows how to keep hands warm in the coldest weather. Soundtouch Xtreme gloves are not only warm and waterproof, they're also compatible with touchscreen displays, so you don't have to subject your naked fingers to the frigid air just to take a call.

Foolproof 7-inch tablet

Apple iPads still reign in the tablet universe, but for the tech challenged, we think Amazon's Mayday service for its 7-inch Kindle Fire HDX is a must-have. If you ever find yourself stuck, pressing the Mayday button brings up a live operator who can guide you through a problem on the spot. Totally stuck? The operator can even take control of your device and show you where the solutions are.

Home-automation bundle

Home automation is a great way to simplify a lot of the functions in your home – from adjusting the temperature to turning on lights at night. Setting up a system used to require a degree in home networking, but the latest home automation hubs make setup as simple as plug-and-play. The SmartThings hub unifies many smart home devices – including Dropcam cameras and Philips Hue lighting – allowing you to control them all from a smartphone app (available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone).

Floor-scrubbing robot

Not only is the Scooba 450 an easy-to-use robot that's great for the technophobes, but also perfect for the lazy among us. Because, let's face it, nobody enjoys scrubbing floors. We found the Scooba 450 to clean an area thoroughly. If robots are this useful, let them take over the world.

Smartpen and compatible Moleskine notebook

Just because you prefer to write on paper doesn't mean you can't go digital. Livescribe, makers of digital “smartpens” has created writing instruments that function like any ordinary ballpoint pen, yet a digital chip inside converts all your handwritten notes and drawings into digital versions. Livescribe pens require special paper, and it has partnered with Moleskine to create specialty notebooks that work with the pen. This gift set includes a Livescribe 3 smartpen, a compatible Moleskine notebook, three ink cartridges, and three replacement caps. membership
$25.00 and up

Online tutorials for learning new skills

Anybody who has tried to learn new tech skills knows how tiresome it can be to read through a boring book. The Web is full of resources, but sifting through them can be equally tedious. Whether you want to brush up on Photoshop or finally master Microsoft Excel, has thousands of easy-to-understand videos on tons of topics, which are constantly updated. You can watch any of the tutorials on any device.

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