Meadow Brook has been a fixture in Erie for more than 80 years. The family owned business began processing and selling milk in 1932.

 It is still in business, owned now by Dean Foods, the nation's largest milk producer, with the local facility on Buffalo Road shipping milk to customers in Pennsylvania, New York and Ohio. The  175 employees at the local plant process up to 28 million gallons of milk every year.

Managers attribute its success to its roots.

 General Manager Jed Davis said, "I think really it goes to the McGarvey family that started it. There was a real focus on quality and customer service and we continue to follow those principals today, and focus on them."

 Meadow Brook receives about 100 tankers a week from 500 dairy farms around the region. The milk is pasteurized then processed as either whole, 2%, or skim milk.

 There is one big change underway at the company. While you can still see the Meadow Brook logo, Dean Foods is trying to launch a national milk brand. So all the milk now carries the name Dairy Pure.