Investigators are making progress, in trying to track down the gunman who shot and killed a 22-year old man inside the drivers seat of a car this week. 
And the coroner has officially released the victim's name and cause of death.

There is now a small memorial set up at the intersection of west 19th and Chestnut streets, the scene of Erie's latest homicide.

The shooting victim is 22-year-old Justin Wiley of Erie.
The coroner has ruled his death a homicide, due to one gunshot wound to the head.

When Erie police arrived on the scene around 12:30 Thursday morning, Wiley was found lying dead in the driver's side seat of a car, the car was riddled with bullets.

Erie police detectives have been going over evidence from the vehicle and the scene. They've also interviewed several witnesses and many others as their investigation progresses.