ERIE, Pa. - Trey Gunter pleaded guilty Wednesday afternoon to third degree murder in the death of Tobiah Johnson last November.

He appeared in court for an evidence suppression hearing but entered the plea instead. Gunter was set to head to trial next month.

With the plea, four other charges filed against him were dropped.

Police say Gunter fatally shot Johnson once in the back in the parking lot of an Edinboro apartment complex at Normal and Water Streets back on November 17th, 2014.

Investigators say Johnson had stolen a gun from Gunter's residence. Gunter and another man, Michael Barron, ambushed Johnson outside his apartment, according to police.

Gunter was arrested a day after the shooting during a traffic stop. Barron turned himself in to police Monday.

Police also arrested and charged a third suspect this week. Ryan Andrews of Pittsburgh is facing charges including murder, police say he drove Barron and Gunter to and from the crime scene.

Gunter's sentencing is scheduled for November 5th.