Charges are expected to be filed in a suspected case of animal cruelty, after nearly a dozen dead dogs are removed from a west Erie home.

Four other dogs are now recovering, after being rescued from what’s been described as deplorable conditions.

After serving a search warrant Friday, the Humane Society of Northwestern PA discovered 11 badly decomposed dogs inside a home in the 3500 block of Cherry Street.

The four dogs that were found alive were taken to the animal shelter.

According to Humane Society Executive Director Nicole Bawol, the lab/retriever mixes suffer from severe flea infestations, ear infections, and malnourishment.

In these types of cases, Bawol says there are certain protocols that the Humane Society must follow before they can take action.

When rescuing pets, Bawol says the Humane Society must establish probable cause and obtain a search warrant.

"We do everything we can here at the Humane Society and we do receive upwards of about 50 calls a day on complaints of animal cruelty and negligence." Says Bawol.

While this particular case has spurred a lot of reaction on Facebook, Bawol says they must follow the law.

"There are a lot of moving pieces and we really look to the public to understand that and know that we are doing the best that we can do to make sure that we do get justice for these pets." Said Bawol.

The tenant of that home--whose name has not been released--could face up to 15 counts of animal cruelty, once charges are filed.