Testimony has wrapped up for the day, in the retrial of murder defendant Julian Mickel.

Mickel is charged with fatally shooting Jaree Warren, 24, in a parking lot near West 18th and Raspberry Streets.

The shooting happened in December of 2014, near the Last Stop Café.

On Wednesday, Renley Tate---a witness in this case---identified Mickel as Warren’s shooter.

Tate testified that he opened fire on Mickel, shooting five bullets form a .357 Magnum as the suspect ran away from the crime scene.

Police recovered that gun from a neighbor’s yard.

Tate also testified that Warren asked him for a gun, because he had a prior altercation with Mickel.

Deputy Chief Greg Baney of the Erie Police Department confirmed those claims when he testified, bringing up the fact that Mickel is currently serving time in jail, for firing a gun at Warren outside of Juliet’s Gentleman’s Club, just days before Warren was killed.

Testimony continues at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, at the Erie County Courthouse.