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Baloch people, ‘the Kurds of Pakistan' warn for the rise of ISIS if the US pulls out of Afghanistan.

‘ISIS would easily expand in that security vacuum, take cities and even tactical nuclear arms’

LONDON, UK - 08-11-2017 (Press Release Jet) --

The Baloch people are a Median people whose homeland Balochistan has been occupied by Pakistan since 1948 (see the map). Since then the Baloch people have been resisting both the Pakistani occupation and all attempts to impose radical Islam by Pakistan. Consequently, they experience severe repression and random ‘kill and dump’ of whole villages. They are very worried over a potential pull-out of the US out of Afghanistan.

Free Balochistan Movement (FBM)'s spokesperson said in a statement that Trump administration's consideration for withdrawing troops from Afghanistan would benefit ISIS and jeopardize the whole region. 'Taliban, ISIS, and other Islamist groups are getting ground in Afghanistan and Pakistan, it is not only a danger to religious minorities such as the already persecuted Christians and forcibly converted Hindus but to all secular ethnicities who opposes religious terrorism and promote religious tolerance in the region.'.

Pro-independence Baloch groups are very concerned that when the US would pull out the already existing ISIS branch would quickly expand in the border areas between Pakistan and Afghanistan. ‘The situation can easily spin out of control. We have seen in Libya and even the Philippines that ISIS can grow quickly in any security vacuum and take whole cities. People should realize that smaller Pakistani tactical nuclear arms can in this way easily fall into ISIS hands.’ Recent attacks by ISIS and a detailed report by Reuters showing a growing ISIS network in Pakistan underline these claims[1]. Another recent report highlights how vulnerable the tactical nuclear arms of Pakistan are for a terrorist takeover (see Ref: Pakistan tactical nuclear weapon).  

The spokesperson called Balochistan, the ‘Kurdistan of Pakistan’ and said that 'if supported, a sovereign Balochistan would protect the religious minorities as outlined in our Balochistan Liberation Charter’s article 38, we will counter radical Islamic terrorism and American forces would be able to access the Arabian Sea via Gwadar Deep Seaport without Pakistan's blackmailing. It is the ultimate solution against extremism. We will protect the Christians, the Hindus, and other religious minorities as that Pakistan is persecuting. In these policies, you can see the difference we want to make’. 

The FBM spokesman concluded by stating that ‘The US has suffered under the Pakistani-backed extremists, they lost men and women in arms. So, did we. At this moment Pakistan gives Baloch land to extremists. The Baloch people not only warn of the dire consequences of pulling out of Afghanistan but also offer an alternative in the war against terrorism’.


Pakistan’s tactical nuclear weapons:

‘In the past five years there have been at least half a dozen attacks on the facilities that reportedly store Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. The Kamra Air Base near Islamabad has been attacked three times by terrorists belonging to the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). Meanwhile, the gradual radicalization of the Pakistani army over the past three decades poses a grave danger to Pakistan’s nuclear security in terms of insider threats.’


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