In Crawford County, emergency service agencies officially have a new home.

After one year of construction, a brand new public safety building is now up and running.  

Located off of Pine Street in Meadville, the new 8,000 square foot building will house all of Crawford County's emergency services in one location.

"This has been a long time in discussion, said Crawford County Commissioner Francis Weiderspahn.  We finally get to the point of completion.

Along with the 911 dispatch center, the one-story building also houses emergency management, the coroner's office, and several other agencies.

The building also has a garage for the county's public safety vehicles, a multi-purpose room, and a 600 amp generator that can power the entire building.

"Before, we did not have the capabilities of having an emergency operations center and now we do," said Crawford County Public Safety Director Kevin Nicholson.  "A facility like this was very much needed for many years."

The building also serves as a backup site for the county's computer systems.  Behind the facility, they've built a 150 foot radio antenna tower, which is used for emergency communications.

The complex cost $3.6 million.

According to Weiderspahn, it was funded through county investments and 911 fees.

All this was done with no taxpayer money, no increase in taxes, said Weiderspahn.  So it was a good thing and certainly a more improved and efficient services."