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Trailer of The Wolf and Talu Wang's Wolf King Released

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SOURCE Giant Goal Entertainment Co., Ltd.

BEIJING, Aug. 29, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, the first trailer of the legendary costume TV drama The Wolf is to be released. Produced by Taiwanese producer Chen Yu-shan, the drama is starring Talu Wang, a star from Giant Goal Entertainment, and Qin Li. Releasing the trailer on Chinese Valentine's Day aims to show the special implication for love in The Wolf. According to the story, the Wolf King falls in love with only one in his lifetime. The trailer shows a sweet but entangled love story presented by Talu Wang and Qin Li, which will add an Eastern themed romance for this Chinese Valentine's Day.

Stage photo from TV drama THE WOLF

The film stars Talu Wang as Youwen Zhu, who grew up in a thick forest. During the Later Liang Dynasty, by chance, he met Star Ma, daughter of the master of Kui State. Later on in the film, unfortunately, he falls off a cliff trying to save a wolf and was saved by Wen Zhu, King of the Later Liang Dynasty. The character experiences lots of adversities such as gaining power, the differences between wolf and human nature, love, betrayal and hatred, but eventually succeeds and becomes the great King of Bo.  

In the beginning of the trailer, Talu Wang and his army, marching on wolf-backs, immediately are surrounded by two hunters in the forest after a wolf howl. The scene displays a quick, appealing and exciting rhythm. When the background music changes into a fair-sounding melody, the young lady Star first meets the young man in the snow - a romantic and beautiful love story begins. The trailer also reveals the emotional disputes between three characters - Talu Wang, Qin Li and Zhan Xiao.

All the pictures of the trailer are brilliant and gorgeous from which we can glimpse the producers' elaborations on the costumes, props and scenes. From the cruel wolves to the scene of the snow world, every detail is presented into life-like images - these qualities will make audiences expect a great and legendary TV drama with a superior artistic quality.

It is reported that it's the second time for Chen Yu-shan to join hands with Talu Wang after their first cooperation, in the movie Our Times.

Knowing Wang well, Director Chen can always help him to display his best talent on screen. In their first cooperation Our Times, director Chen fully revealed Wang's domineering acting ability, and as a result felt the role of King Bo was tailored for him.

A popular actor in China, Talu Wang is taken accountable for his publicity in mainland China by Giant Goal Entertainment. The 25-year-old actor has already shown many representative works, among which Our Times, a movie that earned him his fame, fared a box office result surpassing 300 million in mainland China and is thought of as a classical movie for young people in Taiwan. Within a short space of two years after he gained fame, he starred in many outstanding movies including Suddenly Seventeen, Railroad Tigers, Legend of the Naga Pearls, A Better Tomorrow 4 and so forth. Wang is also a standing guest in Give Me Five, a highly-received variety show. After the program was broadcasted, he has surged into becoming an icon born in the 1990s, adored by the young generation in China.

About Giant Goal Entertainment

The start-up company established in 2015 has a strong professional team. In addition to providing management, publicity and commerce for actors, it also has its business line of independently producing films and undertaking overseas film production. It is an ambitious and up-and-coming elite company.

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