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PA Senator Bob Casey Pushes for Action on Gun Control In Wake of Vegas Shooting

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Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey is pushing for action in the wake of the mass shooting in Las Vegas. He's joining other democratic lawmakers in calling on GOP leadership to take up new gun control legislation. Casey says, "It's terribly frustrating."

His proposal would prevent people convicted of violent misdemeanor hate crimes from purchasing a gun.
He's joining other Democratic lawmakers in introducing various pieces of legislation.
Now it's Republicans' move. 
Casey says, "It's a long menu of reasonable measures that could be passed we hope in a bipartisan manner. Even one of them passing would be a significant measure of progress."
While Democrats calling for more regulations. 
But many Republicans don't agree.
 Representative Tom Reed (R) of New York, says "We just don't know the facts. You have ISIS making a claim to it you have domestic terrorism potentially involved with it, you potentially just have a mental health issue that we see so often with these situations."
Reed says this isn't the time to politicize the issue. He says right it's important to recognize how much America lost that day.
And look for the moments that lift the country up. "People running to the aid of strangers, people lining up to give blood. I mean that's America at its' best."
As Republicans shift the conversation of gun control to a message of unification.
Democrats vow, to keep fighting for new regulations.
But GOP in the majority in both the House and the Senate- these gun control measures often remain stalled.

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