An article published in USA Today is drawing a lot of attention, especially on social media.
The article, written by 24/7 Wall Street claims Erie to be the worst city in the country for African Americans.

The data was based on a 5-year average of poverty, education, homeownership, unemployment and income. The article lists Eries African American population at about 7%, but a quick look at the latest census puts it at about 16%.

The editor of the article, says they used numbers from what's called the metropolitan statistical area, but that appears to be numbers representing the entire county.

Bishop Dwayne Brock says the numbers really don't matter, and it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.

"I think that one of the issues is that as a city we cannot be in denial, Brock said.

We have to look at it and we have to move from that point on. I think that it's very important, we cannot just have one group, this group, or that group decide the future of our city we all must come together and make some strategic plans, Brock added."

The NAACP and the African American Concern Clergy plan to hold a press conference on that matter at a later date.

The mayors office declined to comment.