Tonight, a local mom and pop ski resort opened its slopes, but not for skiers.

The day belonged to snow tubing at Mount Pleasant in Edinboro, as the complex opened up for the season today.

Though it was just the first day, some early winter fans were out to have a tube--ular time.

As tubes ride up the hill at Mount Pleasant of Edinboro, the excitement builds....Winter has unofficially started.

For co-owner Doug Sinsabaugh and his staff, it's been months of prep and planning for this moment.

"It's always fun when you work all summer, and do all the prep work and finally get people here, that's always fun to see." said Sinsabaugh

For snow-goers,  Shaun and Lurie Black, their two kids, Benjamin and Annie could not wait for that first trip down the hill.

"Oh absolutely, the kids have been looking forward to it for some time." said Shaun Black

Though, Shaun and Lurie do usually take a more observant position.

"Oh, leave it to the kids... Yeah, probably."

While the gates are open for tubers , skiers have to wait, as there is still work to be done before the slopes can open up.

"We're making snow every second we can." said Sinsabaugh "And we're getting ground covered but we got a little further to go."

Until then, even as tubers fly downhill, things are looking up at Mount Pleasant.

Don't worry ski fans, Sinsabaugh tells Erie News Now, the goal is to have those slopes opened by next Friday.