Radius Cowork, an Erie business that provides shared space for startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers, was named as one of the “Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America” by Entrepreneur magazine’s Entrepreneur 360 List.

The study recognized Radius Cowork for its balance of impact, innovation, growth and leadership - four pillars of entrepreneurship examined using the results from a comprehensive study of data collected on independently-owned companies across America.

The business provides affordable, modern office amenities on the 9th floor of the Renaissance Centre in Erie's downtown Innovation District. 

Radius Cowork said the business is helping develop innovation and creative entrepreneurship. It takes pride in fostering collaboration - investment bankers work alongside software developers, videographers and photographers examine ideas with HR personnel, and small non-profits are within reach of web designers.

“The people here, all the members, have together formed one of Erie’s strongest hubs of professional passion and talent,” said co-founder Sean Fedorko.

Fedorko and Bill Scholz, as well as a number of members who were looking to connect and create in a professional and fun space, established the business in 2015.


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