A popular spot to grab chicken wings, plans to expand to Harborcreek.

For fans of popular sports bar, Odis 12, expansion is a big deal.

After two years of research and discussion, they've settled on Harborcreek as the target for the project.

And its not just chicken wing lovers who are clucking with excitement.

"Yeah, I’m getting phone calls and social media messages we've been receiving.”

Owner Mike Miodis, and his staff, may not yet have a definite address for their expansion, but, they've found the perfect home.

 "Yeah, just for the respect for the town, and the support they show.” said Miodis “So we feel Harborcreek would be one of the best locations for us."

You can add a local stand out like Odis 12 to a growing list of businesses that are setting up shop in Harborcreek, a stark difference from what used to be the case.

 "If you look at our commercial district, it's a lot different place than it was twenty years ago.” said Harborcreek Township Supervisor, Dean Pepicello “We were littered with blight, and empty storefronts.”

To stimulate growth, a five-year tax incentive was put in place to make it a more welcoming spot for businesses. But, it's the long-term growth that the township is focused on.

 "No one comes for just tax incentives, they come because the market says that they'll be successful.” said Pepicello “The tax incentives help, but you don't give away the farm. Because then businesses come, they stay for 10 years and then leave, and that's the difference."

While the expansion of Odis 12 into Harborcreek Township could be of a benefit to the community, Pepicello says the township's mission is not done yet. To try and make the township more suitable, and sustainable for long-term business success. That means opening the door to more local and national business opportunities.

"Our goal will be continued slow, and steady growth, and to deal with the infrastructure that comes with it. “ said Pepicello “And then, to grow our interchanges at I-90, and we have two of them, and we suspect, sooner rather than later those areas will grow as well."


Odis 12 tells Erie News Now, they are narrowing down their choices for a site, as well working on a liquor license.

 An announcement on the new location should be coming within the next few months.