The former office manager for the Erie County District Attorney's Office will now spend up to two years in prison, for stealing more than $145,000.

On Tuesday, Jennifer Sasso, 43, held back tears as she apologized before receiving a sentence of 12 to 24 months in prison, followed by seven years of probation.

"Obviously, it's unfortunate so see her spending time in incarceration,” said Sasso’s lawyer Noah Erde.  “But I felt Judge (William) Cunningham's sentence was a fair sentence, under the circumstances."

Last month, Sasso pleaded guilty to charges of theft and tampering with public records.

Investigators say she stole $147,650 from three accounts at the Erie County District Attorneys Office over a six year period, from December of 2010-December of 2016.

The cash was from accounts where prosecutors kept money seized in drug probes and other criminal investigations.

"Obviously, this was a huge wake up call for Ms. Sasso, said Erde.  I feel she has been doing a lot to improve herself to address some of the underlying issues that led to this conduct.

Judge William Cunningham called this a crime of opportunity, and pointed out that Sasso took money 127 times.  Even though Sasso had no prior record, Judge Cunningham said she didnt stop stealing until she was caught.

Sasso has also been ordered to pay back the $147,650 in restitution, and an additional $5,000 for the cost of the investigation.

Senior Deputy Attorney General L. Todd Goodwin represented the Erie County District Attorney’s Office in this case.  He declined comment.

District Attorney Jack Daneri was in the courtroom for sentencing, but also declined to comment on the outcome of this case.