Some strong statistics were released today showing that entrepreneurs are choosing Northwestern Pennsylvania as the place to start a new small business.

40 new businesses were founded in 2017, creating 132 new jobs in Erie, Crawford, Mercer, and Warren Counties.  According to Margaret Horne, Director of the Gannon Small Business Development Center, 2018 is expected to be just as good, or even better.  

20 aspiring entrepreneurs have signed up for a seminar on Thursday to learn the first steps in starting their own businesses. Horne says new start-ups take some of the sting out of recent lay-off announcements at big companies in the region.

"We are working with a lot of people who have lost their jobs at these large organizations.  They're starting now to be able to begin their own enterprise," she said.

Clients of the the Gannon Small Business Development Center received $22 million in capital funding last year.  That's more than any other center in the state, including Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.