As soon as late next week, the Meadville Public Library may be in operation, but in a new location. Officials held a news conference Tuesday afternoon updating the public after a fire last Wednesday. 

"We're in the process of acquiring space. We haven't signed any leases as of today," said John Brice, Executive Director for the Meadville Public Library. 

The temporary location is due to severe damage to the boiler room, where the fire began, explained Brice. Repairs to the area are expected to take a minimum of four to six weeks. By Friday, they had some electric and heat.

The fire damaged the heating pumps, boiler, many electrical lines, and more. It began on the work bench, according to the fire inspector's reports. Brice said there were two battery chargers on the bench, one holding a battery. It is unknown if that was the exact cause.

Brice said they were luckily the 65,000 books inside the library do not have any smoke or water damage. The main thing now is to see if anything can be salvaged from the boiler room.

"The flames and heat did not have anywhere to go, it basically created a situation where everything in the room got incinerated," said Brice.

The boiler may need replaced, which will cause a delay in reopening. It must be approved by the state and custom-made. Brice said it was installed in 1970, and they have been steadily upgrading equipment in the boiler room over the past few years.

"It was on the list to be replaced, in the next five year plan," he said.

The only water damage from the fire is in the children's room, where some of the carpets were damaged. The library will replace them to prevent any mold. 

At this time, it is expected the insurance will cover most, or all of the repair costs.

In the meantime, no charges will be filed for books. You can still return books in their book drop.

They will announce the temporary location in the next few days.