Citizens of Erie now have a new outlet, to get concerns or complaints addressed.

Mayor Joe Schember announced the implementation of the new Citizens Response Center.

A dedicated city hall employee will field the calls, and try to find answers to questions or concerns, or track down the correct person at city hall, to get the concern addressed.

That employee is Mas Sala, who has worked at Erie city all for the past 9 years, "An individual will be able to talk to human being on other end, and then see their concern to completion to follow up," said Sala. "We're hoping this closes the gap between of any disconnect that may exist between the public and city hall," Sala continued.

Both on the campaign trail and now in office, Schember says he's heard a lot of citizens complaining that if they had an issue that needs to be addressed, their call often gets tossed around city hall, and it's a challenge to get answers, "I've heard so many complaints from people who are trying to get an answer to something, or they have a complaint or a question, or they may have a compliment for the city, and they can't get ahold of someone with the current system," said Schember. "It's very exciting to me that we've taken this step to improve the customer service," Schember continued.

The number for the Citizens Response Center is 814-870-1111.