A memorial service Wednesday, honors and remembers area police officers, killed in the line of duty.

Law enforcement officers from the City of Erie, and Erie County, gathered in Perry Square for Wednesday morning's ceremony, “It's always important to gather and recognize those who have given the ultimate sacrifice within the line of duty,” said Lt. Jason Morell of the Erie International Airport Police.

The recognition comes during National Police Week, honoring law enforcement officers who have paid the ultimate sacrifice, “In the past year throughout the country we've had way too many that have been lost and they need to honored, very few occupations go out and might not come back,” said FOP Chaplain, Fr. John Detisch.

In 2017, 129 officers were killed in the line of duty,  and so far this year there have already been 54 line of duty deaths.

Those numbers, and Wednesday’s ceremony, for many of the officers, is a grim reminder of the job they do every day, “It reminds us every day when we put on this uniform, what this uniform represents and what we represent to the public,” said Erie Police Lt. Ken Kensill. “It reminds us that not only here in City of Erie and Erie county, but across the nation officers are putting their lives on the line every day, and unfortunately some of them make that ultimate sacrifice in the protection of their communities,” Lt. Kensill continued.