It's the best thing to happen in Adamsville in a long time.  A small crowd in this Crawford County town is gathered to watch a powerful crane lift a modular building from a flatbed truck. The Adamsville residents are excited because the building is the town's new post office.  Their old post office burned to the ground three and a half years ago.

"It's taken these three years, but the people in the community have been so supportive, and are absolutely thrilled to have this happening today as you can guess,” said Marguerite Scullin, West Fallowfield Supervisor and Adamsville Resident.

The U.S. Postal Service had promised to replace the burned-down post office, but residents did not think it would take so long.  Since the fire, many people have been making a three mile drive to Hartstown to pick up their mail. Norma McGranahan is one of those people.

"In the wintertime, you might clear your car off and drive down there and find no mail, and drive back in the snow. And sometimes you fight for a parking place down there.  This is much, much, better,” she said.

Bad memories from that terrible, cold, January night in 2015 were quickly erased as the contractors lowered the new post office to the ground on this bright, sunny day.   Everything is finally going right in Adamsville. Chuck Naegle, of Giant Design in Ashland, Ohio, headed the team that delivered, and installed, the building.

"It's within a quarter of an inch of where it's supposed to be, which is pretty darn good.  Everything went very smooth on this project,” he said.

The new post office is being placed across the street from where the old one stood.  Jeff Tillia owns the property and has acquired some of the land where the fire took place. The blaze also claimed a pizza shop, a ceramics store, and several apartments. Now that the new post office is in place, people are now wondering what could come next.

"There's been a lot of people making suggestions.  Anywhere from ice cream to a car wash.  But we're going to have to wait and see,” Tillia said.

A porch will immediately be installed on the post office.  Then comes sidewalks and the parking lot.  The new post office may be open by the end of next week.