Tom Hoffman has called West Fourth Street his home for nearly 60 years.

He says the otherwise peaceful neighborhood has become dangerous.

And points to a neighborhood bar as the reason.

"The 901 Bar has been an issue, it's one of the many issues in the area." Hoffman said

The 901 Sports Bar and Grill at the corner of W.4th and Plum St. has changed names several times, but complaints remain the same.

Neighbors like lifetime resident, Nancy Snyder, say loud noises, and violence like a recent shooting on Friday night, have them on edge.

"Violence, the neighborhood doesn't need the violence that's happening." Snyder said

The neighborhood around the bar has made headlines for shootings through the years. Including a fatal shooting inside the establishment in April of last year.

But despite the violence, Snyder says she's not going anywhere.

"This is my home, and I hope it's going to be my home til the day I die.” Snyder said

I reached out to the owner of the 901 Bar, he identified himself as "John John".

He tells me the bar is a safe place, complete with security staff and cameras.

And that the bar was not affiliated with the incidents, and anything that happens outside and around the neighborhood is beyond their control.
For Hoffman, an organizer with the neighborhood association, he believes the problem can be cleaned up.

"Rather than sitting back, I think we need to be proactive, and see what we can do to help improve the neighborhood." Hoffman said

Neighbors are expected to meet at Saint Andrews Church and School, on Tuesday. The owner of 901 Sports Bar and Grill tells me he plans to be here as well. Hoffman and Snyder tell me that type of collaboration is what's needed if any real change is going to be made.

"With things like that, they need to pull together, and pull together with the neighbors."

ANDREW HYMAN: “Would you welcome them in? “

NANCY SNYDER: “Without a doubt."

Of the shooting incidents mentioned, only the fatal shooting happened inside the bar.
            Again, the Tuesday night meeting is set for 6:30 at Saint Andrew’s Parish at W.7th and Raspberry streets.