Multiple shots were fired early Tuesday afternoon in an east Erie neighborhood.

Erie Police were called to the area near East 25th and Wallace around 12:42 p.m.

Officers collected seven shell casings from a 9mm weapon in front of a home in the 400 block of East 25th.

Police said at least some of the shots were fired at a white Ford Taurus. Its back window was shot out.

The driver pulled around the block into an alley and whoever was inside ran off.

Neighbors heard the series of gunshots on what they said had been a quiet afternoon.

"I didn't see the white car," said Nicholas Johnson who heard the gunfire. "I didn't know if they were shooting at a house a person, another car. Once I got, my first thoughts were my daughter to I went to check on the kids, and then I came outside to see what was going on."

There were conflicting reports from the scene on the color of the vehicles.

Police believe a gold car was chasing a white car, and the two were exchanging gunfire.

The suspects may have gotten into a dark red vehicle and taken off.