Whitnie Sullivan is on the road to recovery after being attacked by a stranger on July 3rd. Her family created a Facebook page to keep everyone updated on her condition. Monday afternoon they updated followers with a post saying the man that had attacked her came within two millimeters of one of her main arteries.

Doctors will scope her throat to double check for damage.  Whitnie has been put on a regular diet and the family expects her to be released from the hospital as soon as next Monday or Tuesday.

In a post Monday morning, the family said that she's been discharged from speech and physical therapy. 

Nurses showed Whitnie's parents pictures of her wounds pre-surgery, and her father says it was unexpected. "It was so much worse than I thought I was going to see, and they did a fantastic job," Mr. Sullivan said, "I just can't believe how well she's doing."

Mr. Sullivan said Whitnie's voice is very squeaky, but they expect her to be able to speak again on her own. "They think there might be just a tiny bit," he said, "they don't even expect that to be long term. She's young and it'll heal just fine."

The family has set up a gofundme account to help with post-release expenses.