If you noticed traffic congested on Greengarden Blvd, you might have been seeing the line of people waiting for fresh produce.
            Over 140 cars began lining up at 2:00 p.m. Tuesday to get their share in the Second Harvest Food Bank's Produce Express program. The program was formed three years ago to help those gain access to healthier food items.
            All recipients are pre-registered for the pick-up.
            The program has grown from 25 households in their first year to 140 this year; just 3 years later.
            The abundance of need in the community has brought the Second Harvest Food Bank to offer this program every other week in the summer, and this year, they ordered a full-sized produce truck from Philadelphia to help supply the need.
Nearly 100,000 lbs. of produce has been distributed so far.
The Second Harvest Food Bank says, that is enough food for more than 83,000 meals.