It's day 6 in the massive search  for a former Erie resident who went missing during a hike in Washington State.

Samantha Sayers, 28, was last heard from Wednesday morning, before she set out for a solo hike in the North Cascade Mountains two hours outside of Seattle.   Sayers is an experienced day hiker who often went on intense hikes on her own.

Sayers graduated from Collegiate Academy back in 2008. Sayers went by Sam Steinbaugh while in school.

Sayers was last seen on Wednesday morning, as she left to hike Vesper Peak Trail, a trail that is not recommended for novice hikers. Sayers was supposed to check in with her family that evening, but that never happened. Sayers car is still located at the bottom of the trail.

Over the past 5 days rescue crews, along with K-9 teams and helicopters have been searching the mountain for any sign of Sayers, so far nothing has turned up.

Monday night, helicopters with thermal imaging cameras scanned the mountain but nothing was seen.

A Facebook group called #findsamsayers has been the place to recieve updates on the search and to provides information.

Sayer's mother provided this statement Tuesday morning.

"We are just waking up here and I am trying to do my best at answering everyone as quickly as possible. They flew several helicopters with infrared last night. Since we did not hear anything, I am guessing they did not see anything. That does NOT mean she just wasn’t hidden from view.
This morning SAR is gathering at 6 am PST. It does take them a while to go over the plan and then they will start getting them out to different areas to start searching. They take teams by boat and helicopters to various areas of the mountain.
We will be headed there later this morning. Once We are there, we do not have cell service, which is why I won’t be able to respond.
As I have said before, we are so very grateful for SAR volunteers....we know how difficult this is for them.
We are remaining hopeful. Please pray today is the day she is found and please pray for strength for all of us. Sam we need you to come home...#findsamsayers"