Titusville Police have arrested three people after a call for a reckless driver turned into a pursuit.

It started in the 100 block of East Main St. around 10:15 a.m. Monday.

Police said the vehicle pulled away and took off as officers approached. Lights and sirens were used during an attempt to pull over the driver, but the vehicle did not stop.

It abruptly pulled over outside the City of Titusville at the Beagle Club on State Route 89.

Police said two of the three people inside fled, but all were eventually arrested.

Sarah Bloom was wanted on drug charges out of Portage County, Ohio.

Bloom and a second man - Donovan Vroman - both face drug and firearm charges.

Morgan Rounds, who was on probation, was arrested on drug charges.

They were all taken to the Crawford County Jail.