80 students are involved in the Spring Vocal Choir at General McLane High School.  All signed up for the class.  It's just one example of how popular performing arts classes are at the school.

"We have quite a variety of kids.  So, it's not just the "band kids. It's not just the "choir kids." It's the music program, and we have a lot of kids participating," said Bruce Yates, Vocal Music Director.

44% of General McLane students participate in a performing ensemble.

"General McLane is definitely very unique with its music program.  Obviously, all schools have the cliques with the jocks and everything like that.  But, everyone is really involved here.  It's very different from all the other schools," said Sami Laughlin, a senior.

But, the school is running out of room.  Marching band uniforms are stored in the hallway.  Props from recent musicals are stored behind the auditorium stage, or anywhere space can be found.

"We are using what should be rehearsal areas to store scenery, to store costumes," says Superintendent Richard Scaletta. 

Scaletta says there's no money in the school budget for an expansion project.

"We do have capital reserves, but we also know we need a roof, a new HVAC system at one of our elementary buildings.  So, we're trying to be very cautious on how we spend capital reserve funds," he said.

There is a solution to the problem.  A courtyard, located not far from the music classrooms and the auditorium, can be used for a new wing for the music department. The public is being asked to donate to a fund drive.

 The cost of the project, $623,000.  It is believed the money can be raised by the end of the year.

 Donations can be sent online to generalmclane.org.  Donations can also be mailed to the General McLane Foundation, Theater Wing Project, 11771 Edinboro Road, Edinboro, PA 16412.