Being able to return home to Erie in August of 2010 for my first job in the industry here at Lilly Broadcasting is turning into a great experience. Growing up here it never crossed my mind that I would be working in Erie after graduating from Waynesburg University, especially with the winters that drag on for most of the year.

Fort LeBoeuf in Waterford is my high school alma mater and in my spare time I enjoy golfing, playing hockey and watching sports. I'm all over the map when it comes to favorite pro teams but my passion lies with the Cleveland Browns, Colorado Avalanche and Seattle Mariners. This passion was the reason I studied Sports Broadcasting and Sports Information at Waynesburg.

There I had the opportunity to cover major sporting events in Pittsburgh like the 2006 MLB All-Star Game as well as numerous Penguins and Steelers' games. During my time at Waynesburg, I directed and produced football and basketball games for WCTV, the school's television station. This helped me develop a passion for the television industry because of what goes on behind the lens as I strive to learn everything I could about the technical aspect of the business.

That passion is what allowed me to start at Lilly Broadcasting as a multimedia journalist and continue to work in every role the station has to offer. I would earn several Pennsylvania of Association Broadcaster's awards as a photojournalist, I helped build and engineer the station's two high definition control rooms and studios, I was a self-taught technical director for every newscast, and I covered the best local sports had to offer before combining all of those learned skills into becoming the station's News Director.