JAMESTOWN, N.Y. - It's taken a few years to get the National Comedy Center built and stocked with all things funny. But now, the doors are open in Jamestown, New York.

“I was there for an hour-and-a-half and I was like ‘I’ve got to go back to work,’” said William Bacon, of Ellicottville, N.Y.

Some folks like Bacon couldn't tear themselves away from the attractions. There are plenty of things to see, such as old props and hand-written jokes. But there is also plenty to do, with loads of interactive exhibits customized to each visitor's comedic tastes.

“It starts off with me choosing between 100 different comedians, TV shows, movies, things I like about comedy,” Bacon said.

“As you are going through, the experience changes for you,” said Katie Ryan, of Fredonia, N.Y. “So the more it knows about you, it gives you more stuff you like.”

The center is based in Jamestown in part because it's the hometown of comedy legend, Lucille Ball. The grand opening also ties in with the annual LucyFest, which draws big names for a week's worth of shows. Comedian Lewis Black, headlined night one of the standup showcase.

The good part is that when you leave the National Comedy Center, they give you a joke to tell other people, what are called a "jokes to go.”

As for Bacon, well he didn't get to see everything he wanted to see, but he's already planning his next trip.

“I can't wait to go a second or third time because the experience will always be different,” Bacon said.

And like all good comedy, the center will leave many wanting more.


When you can visit

The National Comedy Center will be open from 10am – 5pm, 7 days a week. You can see more here.