President Trump is in Erie to campaign for Republican Congressional Candidate Mike Kelly. But, Kelly's Democratic opponent says he's glad the president is in town.

Ron DiNicola says Trump's visit benefits the region and proves that this area is important. DiNicola added that Trump's visit on behalf of Kelly means the race is tight.

"The president doesn't come here if his guy's ahead by 20 points.  That just doesn't happen.  We're in a real fight here.  I think the president recognizes it.  Today we campaign.  Tomorrow we work together,” he said.


DiNicola said today that he agrees with Trump's goals of fighting for the sustainability of cities and towns in Western Pennsylvania . He also said he agrees with Trump on many issues that benefit working families and the middle class.


"I'm prepared to work with the president on those things because he's demonstrated in some areas that I think are important to us, on trade, on cracking down on the Chinese, making sure the Europeans are paying their fair share of our shared defense, closing the corporate tax loophole that my opponent has ignored," DiNicola said.