It's a religious honor bestowed upon only a very select few people, becoming a Saint.

And Pope Francis has just approved the canonization of Blessed John Henry Newman.

This, after a second miracle is attributed to his intercession.

The first was the inexplicable healing of a Boston deacon, suffering from a debilitating spinal condition.

The other miracle was the sudden and complete recovery of a young Chicago woman, with life-threatening complications while pregnant.

Sister Kathleen Dietz, the Vice Chancellor of the Diocese of Erie, had been eagerly awaiting this announcement, “Of course I'm super excited, because I studied Newman and I really feel like I knew him well, also personally, which you find when you study Newman, that you get to know him personally, so it's just exciting to say ‘Well, I studied this person and now he's going to be declared a saint,’” said Sr. Dietz.

Sister Dietz is a recognized expert on Newman, even writing an illustrated biography on him.

She read all of Newman’s letters and diaries, and says he appreciated his sense of humor.

She says Newman often helped the poor and perplexed, those looking for the truth, “I think most of all what strikes me about him, is simply that he loved to be with people and he loved to try to help them,” said Dietz.

Sister Dietz says Newman dedicated much of his life to education, founding a university in Dublin, Ireland, and a medical school which is still in existence.

Newman is expected to be canonized some time in October, 2019.