At McDowell Intermediate High School, a hands-on training drill is helping teachers like Elie Salchak prepare for an active shooting.

"You can read a lot of things on paper,” said Salchak.  “Once you're actually in the situation, you kind of see it in different perspectives."

On Monday, teachers and staff members participated in a TROJAN Response training exercise, which helps them prepare for an armed intruder.

"We're trying to prepare everyone…whether it is run to evacuate, whether it's a lock down to be safe, and if that lock down should barricade, whatever options they have to try and defeat an intruder." said Millcreek Police Officer Nate Spiker.

The TROJAN Response, which was implemented last year, stands for:
T- Threat Assessment,
R- Run
O- Obstruct and Barricade
J- Join Forces
A- Attack,
N- Never Give Up

“This is crucial because hands-on training is where most people learn,” said Officer Spiker.  “So to actually have a drill where we go through and put the teachers through a scenario, gives them a visual hands-on training in which they can be productive."

Physical education teacher Jolene Gerlach used the attack method, to bring a pretend shooter to the ground.

"It's a sad reality that this is what we are living through,” said Gerlach.  “It gives us a tool kit of what we can use, and what's best effective."

Teachers say the training is crucial in ensuring student safety.

 "I think Millcreek is being very proactive in doing these type of things, and helping the teachers and staff prepare for emergency situations,” said Salchak.

"We have not only ourselves, but other people's children in our care,” said Gerlach.  “Just like anything else, we want to make sure we do what's best to protect those kids."