An audit starts Wednesday to determine if Erie is officially a Welcoming City.

The City of Erie has been working to get that designation for a year now.

There are specific standards and requirements to meet the Welcoming City criteria in seven areas.

For example, are there ways for refugees and immigrants to continue their careers here in Erie?

The audit team arrives Wednesday to interview a number of city employees, as well those in other organizations and agencies.

Erie hopes it is at least 90 percent of the way there.

"It means that you know we are confirmed that we are Welcoming City, which means that we are inclusive, open to diversity and equity," said Niken Astari Carpenter, the City of Erie's refugee and immigrant liaison.

The audit should be completed by Friday.

If Erie gets at least the 90 percent certification, Welcoming Cities will put together an action plan for the city to achieve 100 percent success.