Meet UAT - United Aircraft Technologies.  Its another business in the current cohort of the Secure Erie Accelerator.

They've developed a little wiring clamp with big implications for the aviation industry.

Co-founder and CEO Evaguel Rhysing explained what they do. "We basically make clamps for aircraft wiring that reduce the weight of an aircraft and simplify maintenance by having in-house sensors that can monitor the integrity of the aircraft wiring and localize faults."

Her husband and partner Daryian Rhysing came up with the idea for a better, lighter, easier to install clamp after 12 years of pain working as an aircraft electrician for the Army and Navy, because the traditional metal clamps were taxing his hands. "They were very difficult to install, they act like a spring so I developed carpal tunnel syndrome," Rhysing said, "I thought there was a more ergonomic way to do this installation...this is how I came up with the idea."

Because aircraft modifications come into play every 90 days, the wiring bundles held by clamps have to be undone and reattached over and over, and you can multiply that by thousands. "So this is very difficult because a Blackhawk helicopter has about 1000 of these metal clamps and Boeing you can find 15 thousand of these clamps," Daryian said.

So he developed a new clamp that acts like a buckle that you click together, and attach to a mount.

And because Sikorsky, makers of Blackhawk liked what they saw, they awarded the startup a three year contract offering their engineering and testing expertise.

The product is expected to be military spec certified by the fall and with expertise from Erie manufacturers such as Plastek, the company hopes to start a production hub here. "That means that towards the beginning of next year we most likely will be mass producing in Erie," Evaguel said.

They will also be working with engineering students at Penn State Erie and Gannon Universities on choosing light weight materials and developing smart nanotechnology to go inside the clamps.  The smart clamps will then be part of an augmented reality to pinpoint where wiring has issues and needs to be repaired.