Students at Iroquois schools didn't have class Wednesday September 11th, instead they gave back. Students were scattered in groups throughout the area volunteering in the community. Their goal was to bring some light on such a solemn day.

One group of students volunteered with SafeNet and spent a few hours in the garden. A teacher at Iroquois High School says in his opinion more schools should par take in events like this because it’s not only beneficial to the community but to the students as well.

The Iroquois High School ensemble sang at 3 different locations spreading what brings them happiness.. music. 

Senior class president, Kail Rounds said today has been very rewarding and the smiles on people’s faces reassures him that they are making a positive impact. Kail said, "If it’s only for a day and even if it doesn't impact them for a whole year I just hope that it at least puts a smile on their face. I hope the people at the Soldiers & Sailors home at least get the recognition they deserve.”