A North East man whose home fireworks display caught a neighbor's barn on fire in July, killing three horses inside, was launching fireworks again Saturday night.

Wendell Stover is the Shadduck Road homeowner who lost his barn in the devastating fire earlier this year, and was unable to save two full sized and a miniature horse trapped inside.

On Saturday night he told us he was not happy about another round of fireworks going off next door, even though his neighbor Keith Summerville gave him advance notice that he planned a party with pyrotechnics, and warned Stover to move his trailer that was parked on the site of the former barn.

In July a state police fire marshal determined that fireworks launched by the neighbor traveled toward the barn, catching the roof on fire. To date the neighbor has not faced any charges in connection with the fire.

Stover told Erie News Now that the fireworks were upsetting to him after all he had been through.  He said that he and other neighbors were worried about fireworks sparking another fire, although they didn't know if there was any legal action they could take.

Pennsylania residents are legally allowed to purchase, and set off Class C or "consumer grade" fireworks, including firecrackers, roman candles and bottle rockets.

They can't be used:

  • On any public or private property without the permission of the owner
  • Inside a motor vehicle or building
  • Toward a motor vehicle or building
  • Within 150 feet of a building that is occupied