Jon Goshay lives at Saint James Manor with his 86-year-old wife, Raffalda. For the last week, she's been stuck in her room, and she's needed a team of family members just to leave the second floor and get lifesaving dialysis treatment. 

"I have to get my children over here to use the evac chair to carry her up and down the stairs," Goshay said.

Goshay says the staff doesn't help move his wife, and he gets worn out just trying to care for her.

Goshay isn't the only one dealing with a loved one who can't get downstairs. Doug Palmer is in the same boat. If his wife, Carol, wants to get off the third floor -- she has to crawl down the stairs while he lugs her wheelchair.He says that's unacceptable, but his real worry is a medical emergency.

"When the ambulance got here, they couldn't come up an elevator,” Palmer said. How would they get them down?"

The residents at St. James say the problem has an easy solution.They'll take a quick repair in the short term but what they really need is a new elevator.

"It's reaching a point where, even when they fix it, you don't want to get on it," Goshay said.