Students have been carrying out a lot of research but have also formed the subject of research on numerous occasions. Researchers in education have focused on such topics as performance, relationships, library usages, and such other areas. Get high quality and proofread research paper sample to assist you in your assignments.

It is worth noting some of the research projects that have focused on college students. The findings have been ground-breaking. Here are some of the research areas that have changed the direction of education and student life.

  • The Relationship Between Iron In The Body, Fitness, And Performance

Pennsylvania State University and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln reported that students who exercise perform better in school than those who did not follow any fitness regime. Those who had more iron in their bodies and exercised regularly performed better than all others. The findings concluded that these two elements are required for better academic performance.

  • Credibility Of Information Found Online

Stanford Graduate School of Education has released a report indicating that students find it difficult to verify or confirm the authenticity of information they find online. This is a dangerous trend caused by the availability of sponsored content. Inability to ascertain the credibility of information means that their decisions can easily be manipulated. Since families and communities are dependent on their perceptions, the community changed perceptions will be altered and result in distorted thinking.

  • A Student’s Writing Skills Will Improve As The Teacher Enhances His Or Her Professional Skills

Teachers are required to take several professional development courses each year or often. This development will enhance the performance of students in any class. While the teacher may find professional development courses tedious and time-consuming, he or she has a responsibility to possess the sharpest skills that will boost the performance of students under his or her care. The research was conducted by Science Daily.

  • Researchers Are Sexists reports that the world of research is still highly dependent on men. The reviews on journals and other academic materials still consider the opinion of men as more valuable than those of women. The institutions and people who eventually use these materials are biased against women. This is a surprising finding considering that research and scholarship world is expected to be independent.

  • The Class Remains One Of The Most Important Enablers Of Education

Education Testing Service has studied the importance of a classroom in the process of learning. The studies reveal that the class is still as important as it was several decades ago despite the emergence of e-learning. Students who learn in the class perform better academically and deliver better quality work in the field. This is attributed to the systematic method of learning employed.

  • Take Advantage Of Your Youth

Youth is a passing cloud that everyone should take advantage of to maximize his or her potential. The youth-hood will go and cannot be returned. Reduced physical activity is affecting productivity in a way that cannot be reversed. The findings were released by Medical News Today.

Many other researchers are working on topics and ideas targeting students. The conclusions will assist the teacher, students, and other stakeholders in the education sector to improve on the environment.

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