A man has been arrested for the theft of a donation jar meant for a local animal shelter. It was estimated to have roughly $50-$80 in it to help cats at Orphan Angels Cat Sanctuary.

The man arrested is 30-year-old Delshawn Torres, who was identified by a tavern customer that had seen the security video of Torres stealing the donation jar.

Torres was attempting to sell candy bars at the tavern, which witnesses say is the same scam he used at various other businesses around town. Millcreek Police responded and identified him as a suspect for an additional theft of a donation jar meant for Shriners Children's Hospital.

Executive Director of Orphan Angels, Alyssa Zimmer, said she was upset to hear he had stolen from others as well. "I was glad he got caught so he wouldn't continue to do it, 'cause we heard he was arrested while he was in the process of doing it again," Zimmer said, "So, I guess that's good, but you know on our side it kinda stinks that it had to come to that."

Orphan Angels decided not to press charges when the jar was taken, and instead plead for Torres to just return the money.

In light of the donations being stolen, Orphan Angels has received nearly five times as many donations as what they estimate would have been in the jar.