With an upcoming storm approaching that could have high winds, it may cause power lines to be down which could cause a power outage. We called Penelec tonight and here are some tips that the company offered.

First, always keep a flashlight, radio and batteries on hand. If you lose power at night, you still want to make sure you can see and it's always good to have your phones fully charged.
Second, know where your service panel is located. This is the place that distributes power to the different areas of your home. You will want to know where this is when you are looking to restore your power.

Third, keep an emergency supply of bottled water. Always, have bottled water on hand because you don’t know how long the power will be out for.
Lastly, the same goes for food. Keep a supply of non-perishable food on hand, if it takes several hours for power to be restored, you will want to make sure you have enough food to last you and your family to sustain you until the power is back on.
There is expected to be some power outages throughout the night, so you will want to be prepared if you experience any power outages.