It may not be the height of constructions season now but when it ramps up in the spring, PennDOT is enlisting a new way to stop those speeding through work zones.

It's all about keep everyone safe out on the roads, including drivers and workers.

"We are trying to increase safety in the work zones for both our workers and for motorist," says Safety Press Officer, Jill Harris. "Other states have had similar programs and we've seen their success. We wanted to bring that to Pennsylvania so we could all benefit from those safety aspects of the program."

57% of work zone crashes happen where construction workers are and if you're going at least 11 mph over the speed limit in a work zone, you could get a fine.

PennDOT and State Police are working together to increase safety out on the roads, especially in construction zones.

These vehicles like the one pictured above have cameras on top that will show your speed.

PennDOT says if you speed in a work zone, the system will take a picture of your license plate.

Drivers will first get a warning letter in the mail, but if you continue to speed in the work zone you can get a fine between $75-$150.

"The real goal is that you get that warning letter and it changes your behavior so you slow down when you're going through the work zones," says Harris. "We don't actually want to issue any of those fines, we just want everyone to slow down."

PennDOT is hoping the warning letter will show drivers the importance of slowing down. 

Drivers will be warned prior to entering the work zone that cameras are in place.

"People will know in advance where they are going to be," says Harris. "They are going to identify where they would be most beneficial, so we will post those on our website, we will also have signage up with moving them from location to location."

Right now the speed enforcement vehicles are out, but PennDOT tells Erie News Now you could start seeing the cameras in full enforcement in March.