NEW YORK (AP) — A man pleaded guilty Tuesday to a federal hate crime conspiracy charge in a series of antisemitic assaults in New York City, prosecutors said.

Saadah Masoud, 29, of Staten Island faces the possibility of up to five years in prison at his March 3 sentencing.

Masoud was arrested in June after authorities said he followed, punched and dragged a counter-protester, who was draped in an Israeli flag, at a pro-Palestinian demonstration in April near the Israeli Consulate in Manhattan.

Prosecutors say he also admitted to attacking a man wearing a yarmulke in June 2021 and a person wearing a Star of David necklace the month before.

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Damian Williams said Masoud “deliberately targeted three victims because of their religion and nation of origin.”

A message seeking comment was sent to Masoud's attorney.

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