NEW YORK (AP) — A swarm of ATV and motorized dirt bike riders surrounded a man in Harlem and beat him so badly that he died in a hospital two weeks later, police said Wednesday.

The assault happened at about 10 p.m. on Nov. 4, New York City police said in a news release. Arthur Cooke, 45, was driving east on 125th Street when his car was surrounded by about 30 ATVs and dirt bikes, police said.

One of the riders hit the passenger-side mirror of Cooke's car, and when Cooke got out to inspect the damage, the ATV and dirt bike riders ganged up to assault him, police said. One of the attackers also pointed a gun at Cooke, they said.

The attackers fled, and another man who was not part of the group drove off in Cooke's car, police said. Cooke was taken to Harlem Hospital, where he died on Nov. 18. Police have made no arrests.

Cooke was a court special advocate for Exodus Transitional Community, an organization that assists people who have been incarcerated, according to LinkedIn.

A co-worker, Noel Diaz, said in a GoFundMe post seeking aid for Cooke's family that Cooke was “on a date with his significant other” when he was attacked.

“He is a man that is full of laughs and full of hope,” Diaz said in the post, which was written before Cooke died.

ATVs and motorized dirt bikes are illegal in New York City, but the city has struggled to enforce the ban. Mayor Eric Adams had a bulldozer destroy dozens of the vehicles at a news conference earlier this year.

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