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The newspaper ad that changed everything

In March 1960, The New York Times published a paid ad from a group supporting Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., setting off a chain of events that would change the role of the press in America and help shape our public discourse... More>>

Make Obamacare better with Medicare-X

Many Americans struggle to manage the demands of work, family, and wellbeing in their busy lives. They expect us, as US senators, to carry their voices to Washington and craft legislation that is responsive to their concerns. More>>

What Trump won't tweet: 4 reasons for a free press

You're not going to read this in a tweet from President Donald Trump; but it can be said in a Twitter-length post: The free press is not an optional part of our democracy, it is an integral part of it. Without it, our... More>>

How it feels to be a Zimbabwean today

I woke on Saturday, the day of the planned solidarity march, feeling a sense of anticipation about the hours ahead. Since my arrival in Harare, the complete lack of police presence on the streets had been the most striking... More>>

Why I'm marching for Puerto Rico

Recovery efforts in Puerto Rico have been an embarrassment for the United States federal government and have left residents of the island wondering if their lives have value to this nation. More>>

The policy that the US porn industry has and Facebook needs

"Revenge porn" is sexual abuse in a new digital form. A recent study shows that 10% of women under 30 years old in the United States have been victimized by the misuse of their intimate images. Facebook is one of many... More>>

The Manafort money laundering charges: What's in store?

Paul Manafort and Richard Gates are under a multicount indictment with each facing lengthy prison terms, if convicted. Money laundering is the most serious crime charged and is premised on Manafort's and Gates' alleged... More>>

Do we love our guns more than our children?

When I was 12, in the sixth grade in El Cerrito, California, one of my classmates brought a gun to school. She was a bright fellow student -- flamboyant, funny, sometimes moody -- occasionally in trouble, fun to play... More>>

Retreat isn't in Steve Bannon's DNA

Retreat isn't in Steve Bannon's DNA -- even when it's in his own best interest. More>>

How we should really celebrate National Unfriend Day

Jimmy Kimmel named November 17 National Unfriend Day. The comedian said we should all go on Facebook and unfriend people who aren't really our friends. Many of us have so many Facebook friends, he said, that we couldn't... More>>

On Franken, Trump shouldn't have gone there

This commentary contains graphic language. More>>

Move over, Indiana Jones: Physicists are the new tomb raiders

Indiana Jones is forever imprinted in our collective consciousness as a quintessential tomb raider. With a jaunty fedora and a leather whip, he careens across the Egyptian desert, discovering long-lost ancient secrets.... More>>

The Brexit psychodrama is going exactly as expected

So far, the Brexit negotiations between Britain and the EU have been entirely predictable. More>>

Does a free press mean more regulation for Facebook?

At the beginning of November, the general counsels of Facebook, Google and Twitter appeared on Capitol Hill to answer questions about a destabilizing campaign of Russian meddling. Members of Congress grilled them on... More>>

US and Russia partnership on Syria is limited and this just proved it

The limits of just what the United States and Russia can do together in Syria came into full view this Thursday. And it provided yet another reality check to those who say the United States and Russia can find common... More>>

Liberals, don't waste your time trying to defend Franken

Add liberal Democratic Sen. Al Franken to the long and growing list of prominent men (yes, it's all men) who turn out to have abused their power by engaging in sleazy, self-indulgent misconduct. A credible, infuriating... More>>

Sexual harassment is bigger than party politics

There's a bad case of selective amnesia spreading through Washington these days and it has infected the public debate about sexual harassment. More>>

Why conservatives lost faith in mainstream media

The conservative skepticism of the media runs deep. More>>

White supremacy movement is more than just an American problem

Millions of Americans are shocked by the recent displays of white supremacy on US soil. But it's not just America that is seeing these types of demonstrations. More>>

Meek Mill case shows vengeful aspect of justice system

Imagine being a father, excited to surprise your son with the ultimate gift: a weekend at Disneyland. But before you can buy tickets, pack your bags, or even begin to imagine the ear-to-ear grin on his face when you tell... More>>

Child marriage is happening at an alarming rate across the US

People are looking in shocked disgust at the defenders of Roy Moore. How can so many Alabamans throw their support behind Moore, the Republican nominee for a United States Senate seat there, who is accused of pursuing or... More>>

GOP's double whammy against the middle class

Republicans in Congress are rushing headlong toward voting for one of the biggest tax cuts in American history, with bills slashing taxes for corporations and the wealthiest Americans. More>>

How to seek justice, for journalists and for all

The UN estimates that over the last decade, more than 900 journalists, including our son, James W. Foley, have been killed for bringing news to the public. Sadly, only one in 10 of these cases has led to a conviction. More>>

GOP tax plan spells disaster for Asian-Americans

It says something about the present state of the Republican Party that some of the leadership are likely breathing a sigh of relief that the horrific distraction du jour -- e.g., "traditional values"-focused US Senate... More>>

Donald Trump bores us with his vacation slides

Remember when your relatives would come back from vacation and force you to watch their slide show to prove what a great time they had? More>>

#MeAt14 shows how hideous Moore's case is

Just when I thought the sexual harassment and assault allegations against men such as Harvey Weinstein, James Toback and Louis C.K. couldn't get any more repulsive or any creepier, I then hear the sickening allegations... More>>

Defending Roy Moore is a fool's errand

The stories about Roy Moore and his predatory behavior with teenage girls while he was in his 30s are damning: five women, none of whom volunteered to speak out happily, all of whom have kept a dark secret for decades. The... More>>

The world looks to America to defend press freedom

For a brief period, following more than four decades of military repression, Myanmar saw an explosion of independent media. Beginning in 2011, exiled journalists flooded back into the country and started new publications.... More>>

Should we fear killer robots?

Physicist Stephen Hawking recently warned of the dangers of artificial intelligence and "powerful autonomous weapons." Autonomous technology is racing forward, but international discussions on managing the potential risks... More>>

The stupidity of Donald Trump Jr.

Another day of the Trump administration, another revelation that its members and associates have been engaged in behavior that would have been major career-ending scandals in any other presidency. This time, it's... More>>

Why does Vladimir Putin hate me?

Three weeks ago, as I was planning a trip to the United States, Vladimir Putin placed me on Interpol's most wanted list. That meant I risked arrest at any international border and that as a UK citizen it also meant my US... More>>

Brexit is getting messy and the UK is facing a political crisis

British Prime Minister Theresa May has lost two Cabinet ministers in the last two weeks, and the future of a third rests with an ongoing investigation into his conduct. A fourth is at the center of a growing diplomatic row... More>>

Amanpour: No free press, no democracy

A few short days ago, here in Britain we marked Armistice Day. More>>

The abuse of migrants in Libya is a blot on the world's conscience

Libya is awash with tears for the tens of thousands of migrants from across Africa and beyond who have traveled there in search of a better life. More>>

After US mail screwup, cut Dreamers a break

We messed up, but it is still your problem. More>>

Louis C.K. never asked us to admire him

Fitfully conscious, on his deathbed in 2005, Nobel laureate Saul Bellow turned to his friend Eugene Goodheart and inquired: "Was I a man or was I jerk?" His seeming concern for whether he would be best remembered for his... More>>

Twitter's problem is hate, not verification

This week, Twitter stopped verifying accounts after public outcry that the company had bestowed a coveted blue check mark next to the Twitter handle of the white supremacist Jason Kessler. But, in an effort to resolve a... More>>

SNL gets tough on Roy Moore, Fox News defends him

Saturday Night Live and Fox News both addressed the allegations that Republican US Senate candidate Roy Moore had relationships with several teenage girls, including a 14-year-old, when he was in his 30s. But it was the... More>>

Rep. Adam Schiff: One thing Mike Pence and I agreed on

Seven years ago, I was proud to stand behind President Barack Obama as he signed into law the Daniel Pearl Freedom of the Press Act. The bill, which I named in honor of former Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl,... More>>

Bernie Sanders: We must end global oligarchy

One of the major, untold stories of our time is the rapid movement toward global oligarchy, in which just a handful of billionaires now own and control a significant part of the world economy. More>>

How Australia's citizenship crisis could bring down its prime minister

The Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has had better months. More>>

Trump absolves Putin and shoots himself in the foot

Until Saturday, President Donald Trump had earned some praise for his trip to Asia. Overall, the visit seemed to go well by the standards we use to evaluate him. There were few unsettling tweets over the past few days, at... More>>

Ask the tough questions

While freedom of the press is a right spelled out in the Constitution and upheld by the courts, it is also every single American citizen's responsibility to foster and protect. More>>

Whose freedom is it?

Press freedom is YOUR freedom. That's the way I recommend thinking about "freedom of the press." More>>

Judy Gold: You think you know Louis C.K. You don't

Several weeks ago, I received a call from a journalist asking if I had any information about recent sexual misconduct allegations against Louis C.K. My response was, "Come on! I'm a 6'2" lesbian." More>>

What Trump and Putin should've really discussed in Asia

Diplomacy is all too often about missed opportunities. The encounters in Danang between Presidents Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump were certainly examples of such chances. By all accounts, a couple of brief grip 'n grins... More>>

Trump stays on script but is empty-handed so far

US President Donald Trump has been relatively disciplined during his tour of Asia so far. More>>

Psaki: 'If true' is a shameful dodge

On Thursday, allegations surfaced in The Washington Post from not one, but four women, who said they had been pursued as teenagers by the Steve Bannon-backed conservative candidate for US Senate in Alabama, Roy Moore. More>>

This is how you stop online exploitation of children

We are living in a truly remarkable era, in which each day seemingly brings a new technological innovation -- from health to education, communications to manufacturing -- that improves the lives of people around the world. More>>

When it comes to Roy Moore, forget politics

By now you have probably heard that Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore has been accused, in a powerful story in the Washington Post, of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl when he was 32. The story also... More>>

How much longer can Theresa May stay in power?

Theresa May's embattled government has been rocked by two resignations in a week. Her closest ally -- the First Secretary of State and Deputy Prime Minister Damian Green -- is under investigation and there are renewed... More>>

America, I apologize for the South's hypocrisy

As a native Southerner, I'd like to apologize to the rest of the country. My region repeatedly claims that we place God above all else, but our actions tell a different story, especially when we mix religion, politics and... More>>

After 13 years in the military, this is my toughest Veterans Day

I can recall where I celebrated every Veterans Day since 2005, during my 13 years of service with the United States Army. One was in Baghdad, Iraq, and another was in Kandahar, Afghanistan. My wife was pregnant and alone... More>>

Texas shooting shows risk of ignoring relationship violence

Our nation --- still grieving the recent Las Vegas tragedy --- now mourns the lives lost in this week's massacre by a gunman who opened fire in a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, leaving a death toll of 25 and an... More>>

The changing face of ISIS

ISIS defectors have known it for several years. So have those who study these atrocities closely. But with the attack in Manhattan on Tuesday afternoon that claimed eight lives, it is becoming increasingly evident that... More>>

We need 'extreme vetting' for toxic masculinity

The downfall of Harvey Weinstein has shaken loose a torrent of stories of powerful men accused of sexually harassing, abusing and assaulting people in their orbit. Over just a few hours on Thursday we learned of new... More>>

The state that is leading the way on health care

Could a state in one of the farthest corners of our country finally help us turn a corner on health care? It looked like that on Tuesday when the people of Maine voted decisively to expand Medicaid over the wishes of their... More>>

Why the Manus Island crisis won't change Australia's refugee policy

People must wonder what all the fuss is about when the Australian government maintains a hard line on asylum seeker arrivals. More>>

Air Force Academy hoax doesn't change overall picture on hate crimes

Americans on the far right could hardly contain their excitement, judging by their effusive comments on social media. A widely publicized incident, which appeared to have been a hate crime, turned out to have been a hoax.... More>>

The general's speech is the one we wish the President could make

It is the speech we wish the President of the United States had delivered. More>>

America is seduced by 'leadership bling' and lacks true leaders

Only a little more than 10 months into Donald Trump's tenure, a significant majority of America's citizenry view their 45th president as a kind of anti-leader, encouraging the worst elements at home to commit bad actions,... More>>

Why Christopher Plummer is way more than a Spacey substitute

So Christopher Plummer has simultaneously become the world's newest and oldest special effect. Plummer, an 87-year-old Oscar winner, is taking over for Kevin Spacey in the role of J. Paul Getty in Ridley Scott's... More>>

The bizarre neighbor dispute that felled Rand Paul

One of most bizarre stories in the recent press -- and that's really saying something these days -- concerns the tackling of Senator Rand Paul on his lawn by his Kentucky neighbor, Dr. Rene Boucher, on November 3. Both men... More>>

Diversity -- the new electoral mandate

On Tuesday, voters decided we should be better than our fearmongering, tweeting president who works overtime to stir up divisions, rather than solutions, for just about every issue Americans care about: health care,... More>>

Virginia may foretell a brighter future for Dems

Dispirited Democrats received an early Christmas gift Tuesday with the election of Ralph Northam as governor of Virginia. In an American political ritual, the same Democrats who were prepared to treat a loss as irrelevant... More>>

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